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Volunteer for Power in the Pines, May 2018

posted Mar 4, 2018, 5:40 AM by Alisa Vural   [ updated Mar 4, 2018, 5:41 AM ]

Curtiss-Wright Cadet sand Senior Members, we need you!

Sign up now to volunteer at the Power in the Pines Air Show at JB MDL. Volunteer service is one of our core values. This is an excellent opportunity to volunteer, learn, and participate in a great event. C/2d Lt Vural is the Cadet Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for the event. Join the team! How many Curtiss-Wright members can we get to show our support?


Dates: 4 to 6 May 2018. Pick one, two or all three days. Staying overnight with the team at the AFB is a really fun experience.


Friday, 4 May: as early as you can get there, given that it is a school day.  It is "Family Day" at the Open House & Air Show and CAP members can participate in those special events.

Saturday and Sunday  0800 to 1700 for both days.

Where: JB MDL 


1) Overnight accommodations (billeting) are available for NO FEE. 

2) Dining facilities (DFAC) are available (fee). 

3) Info you need for registration: Our team is NJ-073 Curtiss-Wright. Our charter number is NER-NJ-073. 

4) Register EARLY as our team slots will likely fill up. Registration closes at 11:30 PM on Friday, April 27th.

5) Register HERE.

More information:

The JB MDL Open House and Air Show is a major opportunity for CAP to work directly with the Air Force. Volunteers of all ranks are needed to do a variety of tasks like manning the CAP STEM Demonstrations and Recruiting Booth, manning the CAP Aircraft Static Displays, CAP Van Drivers, Event Program Sales, etc.

Additionally, Cadet Officers have the honor and opportunity to escort Distinguished Visitors at show center stage.

Additional information such as Rally Points, Uniform of the Day and Duty Assignments, and packing list will be sent to registered participants during the week before the event.

As with all CAP Activities, you must bring your CAP ID Card and a current copy of your CAP Form 161.