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Orienteering Skills Workshop: all the details!

posted Sep 15, 2016, 5:50 AM by Alisa Vural   [ updated Sep 15, 2016, 7:05 AM ]

Orienteering Skills Workshop at West Point's Lake Frederick, 30 Sep 2016 to 2 Oct 2016

The United States Military Academy Orienteering Team will host a weekend workshop in order to teach the fundamentals of Orienteering. Participants will get experience on introductory and advanced level orienteering courses. Everyone will participate in various exercises and practical applications, culminating in a team-level orienteering competition. This weekend is sure to be exciting for all participants.

Reserve your spot first on our Online RSVP Form for the OSW.

Required forms (4):

a. CAPF 161 Emergency Information (keep in your right BDU pocket at all times)

b. CAPF 160 Member Health History (submit to Lt. Vural with other forms)

c. CAPF 32 Parent Permission Slip (attached below; submit to Lt. Vural with other forms)

d. CAPF 31 Application for activity (attached below; submit to Lt. Vural with other forms)

1.       All forms and the $25.00 registration check and the $30.00 food payment must be submitted to Lt. Vural by 8:00 pm, Tuesday, September 27. .

2.       All cadets and adults must be SAFETY CURRENT.  We will have our monthly safety briefing, Tuesday, September 20.  If you are unable to attend (and have submitted your forms and registration and food payments), you MUST complete an online SAFETY CLASS to become Safety Current.

3.       Please advise no later than Tuesday evening, September 20, if you have any special dietary restrictions.  We are planning to serve MREs – “Meals Ready to Eat” for Saturday lunch.  Saturday’s dinner will be chili, pasta, salad, etc.  Breakfasts will be bagels, fruit, juice.

4.       Bring a bag dinner for Friday evening.

5.       Meet at 4:00 pm, Friday, September 30, at the Red Cross Building to load the trailer. 

6.       Uniform for Friday evening is full BDUs.  Uniform on Saturday and Sunday is CAP PT (Black t-shirt, gray or dark shorts. Running pants, sweatshirt optional)

7.       Be prepared for rain.  Poncho or raingear is required.

8.       Bring a set of “civilian” clothes for Saturday evening.  Jeans OK.

9.       Bring CAPID and medical documents, and signed USMA waiver form (attached to squadron email.)



       Tent to Share (for those who have one.  Please ensure the tent is 100% complete and functional)  *** We will finalize tent arrangements Tuesday, September 27. ***

       Sleeping Bag and Pad (45 Degree or lower recommended)

       Flashlight or Head Lamp with extra batteries

       Canteen/Hydration Pack

       Mess Kit (Cup, Plate, Utensils)

       Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, as needed, etc.)


       Bug spray or lotion


       (1) BDU Shirt (travel)

       (1) BDU Pants (travel)

       BDU Cap (travel)

       BDU Boots (travel)

       (1) Boot socks, pair (travel)

       (1) Black T-Shirt ( travel)

       (2) Undershorts / Undergarments

       (1) Fleece (black preferred)

       Poncho or raincoat (Woodland Camo pattern preferred but not mandatory)

       Sleep Clothes


       (2) Pair PT socks

       (2) Pair PT shorts

       (3) Black t-shirts for PT

       (1) Pair running pants for PT

       (1) Sweatshirt (dark preferred)

       (1) Set of civilian clothes for Saturday evening (t-shirt, jeans)

       Plastic bag to put wet clothes in

       Backpack or duffle bag for personal gear

       Folding camp chair (optional)


Please contact Lt. Vural if you have any questions.

Alisa Vural,
Sep 15, 2016, 7:01 AM